Miller Lumber Sales


For over 60 years, Miller Lumber has been a proud member of the Jackson metro area business community. During that time, we’ve had the privilege of getting to know our customers and their families - in some cases multiple generations of the same family! We take pride in our ability to provide local jobs and support local causes. We believe in the value of community and work hard to bring you the highest quality lumber on the market. Stop in to see what a difference the local touch can make.

– Mark Windham, President/Owner



Western Red Cedar is one of the world's finest building materials. Its outstanding natural durablity, warmth, character and dimensional stability make it ideal for a variety of interior and exterior uses.


The inherent beauty of cypress lumber makes it ideal for adding elegance to any home or office interior, while also being durable enough for exterior use. Naturally occurring preservative oils make it resistant to insects and decay which makes it perfect for any project.


Southern Yellow Pine is widely accepted as one of the world's strongest and most versatile species of wood -- no wonder, since it's grown right here in the United States. Pine lumber's strength and beauty make it an ideal wood for everything from floors to framing.


Spruce is a common wood used worldwide for many purposes, from general construction to building wooden aircraft. Most homes in the United States built today utilize spruce studs for interior wall framing. Spruce has little resistance to rot and decay so it is generally recommended for indoor use only.

Framing Packages and More!

We can work with you to build custom framing packages for any project. We also offer a wide selection of exotic and hardwoods and a broad range of accessories.